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 She Had Brains, a Body, and the Ability to Make Men Love Her (2007)

 Delgo(2007) as Voice Princess Kyla

 Garfield2(2006)-A Tail of Two Kitties as Liz

 Magic 7, The (2006) as Voice  Erica

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber (2005) as Kate Livingston

 In the game (2005) as Riley Reed

 Why Can't I Be Audrey Hepburn (2004) as Perry Forman

 Garfield (2004) as Dr. Liz Wilson

 A Christmas Carol (2004) as Emily

 The Truth About Love-láska a jiné prúšvihy(2004) as Alice Holbrook

 If Only (2004) as Emily

 Tuxedo, The (2002) as Del Blaine

 Thumb and Thumbelina (2002) as Thumbelina

 Hunchback of Notre Dame II, The (2002) as Madellaine

 Devil and Daniel Webster, The (2001) as The Devil

 Heartbreakers -pred svadbou nie! (2001) as Wendy/Paige Conners/Jane Helstrom

 Audrey Hepburn Story, The (2000) as Audrey Hepburn

 Time of Your Life (1999) as Sarah Reeves Merrin

 Suburbans, The (1999) as Cate

 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer- viem čo ste robili minulé leto2(1998) as Julie James

 Zoomates (1998) as Helen

 Hercules (1998) as Medusa

 Telling You (1998) as Deb Freidman

 Can't Hardly Wait -už sa neviem dočkať(1998) as Amanda Beckett-Nominácia na Mtv Movie Award - Best Female Performance 1999

 I Know What You Did Last Summer-viem čo ste robili minulé leto/tajomstvo minulého leta (1997) as Julie James

 Trojan War (1997) as Leah Jones

 House Arrest (1996/I) as Brooke Figler

 Party of Five (1994) as Sarah Reeves Merrin

 McKenna" (1994) as Cassidy McKenna

 Byrds of Paradise, The" (1994) as Franny Byrd

 Little Miss Millions (1993) as Heather Lofton

 Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) as Margaret

 Munchie (1992) as Andrea

 Shaky Ground (1992) as Bernadette Moody

 Kids Incorporated (1984) as Robin (1989-1991)

 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Double-sided poster    The Tuxedo Double-sided poster



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