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Cool With You - Platinum Collection(6.6.2006)Obrazek

01. Cool With You
02. Our Love (Don't Throw It All Away)
03. I Always Was Your Girl
04. No Ordinary Love
05. Never A Day Goes By
06. Don't Push The River
07. Can't Stand In The Way Of Love
08. Don't Turn Your Head Away
09. I Believe In
10. Last Night
11. You Make Me Smile
12. Baby I'm A Want You
13. I Want A Love I Can See
14. Everywhere I Go
15. The Greatest Word
16. Never A Day Goes By (Acoustic)




 01. BareNaked
02. Can I Go Now
03. You
04. Hey Everybody
05. Where You Gonna Run To?
06. I Know You Will   

07. Rock The Roll
08. Stand In Your Way
09. First Time
10. Stronger
11. Avenue Of The Stars
12. Me And Bobby McGee             


Jennifer Love Hewitt(1996)


Cool with You
No Ordinary Love
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
Never a Day Goes By
Don't Push the River
Greatest Word
I Want a Love I Can See
I Was Always Your Girl
Last Night
I Believe in ...
Never a Day Goes By (mixed version)
It's Good to Know I'm Alive


Let's Go Bang(1995)

Kiss Away from Heaven
Let's Go Bang
Difference Between Us
Couldn't Find Another Man
You Make Me Smile
In Another Life
Garden (intro)
Can't Stand in the Way of Love
Free to be a Woman
Everywhere I Go
Don't Turn Your Head Away
Baby I'm - A Want You


Love Songs(1998)

First Taste of Love
Bedtime Stories
Please Save Us the World
Listen (to Your Heart)
Won't U B Mine
'90's Kid
I'll Find You
Dancing Queen
Love (What's It Gonna Take?)
A Little Jazz


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